5 solutions for storing and sipping hot drinking water when going out in winter | Pink Villa

2021-12-20 07:16:27 By : Ms. Lily Wang

Winter is when you instinctively taste hot food and drinks. The cold breeze urges you to do things to keep your body warm and away from the flu. The best solution to avoid all winter related problems is hot water. Drinking hot water every day helps prevent colds and coughs. Here are 5 solutions to store and sip hot water when going out in winter.

This Thermosteel flip-top flask is not rusty and has a copper coating on the inside to keep heat. You can easily store hot water in winter and cold drinks in summer. The stainless steel flask is double-walled and vacuum insulated. This is a leak-proof flask, making it an ideal travel-friendly water bottle.

This electric kettle is a stainless steel kettle with automatic shut-off function. It has a one-touch lid locking system with LED indicator. The body ensures 100% heat preservation and durability. With 360-degree rotation technology, pouring hot drinks becomes a breeze. 

3. Flip-top stainless steel thermos bottle

This flask has a simple screw cap and can double as a drinking cup, making it easy to pour and drink without spilling. The double-walled body of the flask makes it a durable, unbreakable and leak-proof flask. 

4. Stainless steel electric kettle with 2 travel cups

The most appreciated feature of this stainless steel electric kettle is its wide mouth and easy cleaning. Two practical travel mugs make this kettle travel friendly and portable. The lid opening method and non-slip foot design of the kettle are all you need to store and sip hot water during the journey. 

5. Thermosteel hot water bottle

This stylish water bottle fits into each side pocket of the backpack. The stainless steel body from the inside out has a good grip and an easy-to-carry ring. The weight of the water bottle makes it a child-friendly thermos. In addition, the bottle is leak-proof, rust-proof and has no peculiar smell. 

Climate change forces you to change your lifestyle. To ensure that your body locks in the correct amount of immune booster, you should drink hot water. Hot water is definitely not easy to carry, but these thermos and water bottles make it easier for you. Now in winter, you can enjoy the soothing effect of hot water running down your throat anytime and anywhere.

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