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There is nothing like a steaming hot drink on a cold winter day. If you want your favorite liquid to stay piping hot throughout the day, check out our roundup of the best thermos flasks of 2021.

Whether you are out hunting, ice fishing, or enjoying the solitude of winter trails, a cup of hot coffee or a hot lunch can make you feel happy even on the coldest days. By 2021, high-quality insulated food and beverage containers can reliably maintain the temperature of their contents for several hours. The perfect thermos varies from person to person, but they all have overlapping qualities that make them ideal outdoor equipment.

We narrow down the best thermos bottle based on durability, leak resistance, heat preservation, function and overall capacity. If you are looking for a water bottle, please check out our best insulated water bottle series.

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When it comes to a good thermos, you can't completely beat the classics. The Stanley Classic ($40) is named after it, and since its release in 1913, it has been a top contender for the thermos. Since then, the design has been continuously updated, but one thing is correct: vacuum insulation can keep liquids high or refrigerated for up to 32 hours, and kept frozen for 160 hours.

It is a bit heavier than some similar products on the market, but Stanley has used it for many generations for many reasons.

The side handles are easy to carry and dump, even when wearing gloves. The lid doubles as a cup, so if the contents are too hot to drink directly from the thermos, pour the contents into the lid to speed up the cooling rate.

This classic Hammertone green thermos can hold about 2 liters of liquid. No matter what size Stanley Classic you choose, it is durable, will not rust, and is BPA-free. Not only that, if you close the lid correctly, you can guarantee that this thermos will not leak. This means there is no need to worry about throwing this bad boy into a backpack while hiking.

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Another well-known and trusted brand in the thermos world is Thermos. With such a name, it is difficult to imagine anything other than quality. Thermos Stainless Steel King ($30) is designed to be used as a holder for hot or cold liquids. The brand also has a thermos for food, but this 40-ounce thermos is the best coffee thermos in its series.

Thermos' patented vacuum insulation technology keeps the liquid hot and cold for 24 hours, and the bottle is designed to keep the external temperature at a low level, making it easy to hold. This also prevents the bottle from sweating during the summer when it is filled with cold drinks.

Like other brands of thermos flasks, the Thermos King lid can double as a cup. In order to make it easier to pour and to maintain the temperature of the liquid for a longer period of time, Thermos integrates a clever twist and pour spout that allows you to pour the liquid without removing the stopper.

This stainless steel thermos is easy to use, does not contain BPA, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It may not have the highest insulation, but it is a top choice, especially because of its additional features.

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CamelBak raised the stakes with its MultiBev ($48) thermos design. This 2-in-1 thermos is both a thermos-style water bottle and a thermos travel mug. Unlike many other vacuum flasks that double as lids, the travel cup part of this vacuum flask is the base and is equipped with a curlable silicone lid.

The bottle cap of CamelBack MultiBev has a small compartment under the handle, which is used to fix the collapsible silicone lid of the travel mug. If you do not plan to use the lid of the travel mug, then this compartment is enough to hold a tea bag or a handful of nuts. This unique design seems to be most suitable for office workers looking for a travel coffee cup that has the function of a water bottle.

The overall capacity is not very large, a little more than 20 ounces is very heavy, so it is not the best choice for snowshoeing or hiking. Nevertheless, it is still a durable design that can keep the liquid hot and cold for a long time, which is perfect for sharing.

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The best coffee thermos on our list is a low-key mug that performs as well on a hike as you do on a daily commute. Unlike standard travel coffee mugs, the Contigo travel mug ($19) uses a SnapSeal lid design to make the seal leak-proof and keep the coffee longer.

The most popular size for Contigo travel mugs may seem small, but Contigo offers 16, 20 and 24 ounce sizes. In order to further increase the design choices of consumers, Contigo provides you with the option of a handle, a handle or neither.

The high-quality stainless steel body does not contain BPA and has good insulation, which can keep liquids warm for up to 7 hours and cold for up to 18 hours. The lid is plastic, so please be aware that if you drink tea and coffee in the same cup, sometimes the flavors may overlap.

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The YETI Rambler mug ($30) takes all the advantages of the classic thermos and puts them in a reliable coffee cup. This Rambler mug ensures that your coffee stays hot, and your tea is a continuous warm treat every night, providing the perfect morning start for hut retreats and outdoor camping activities.

This 14-ounce mug is made of stainless steel and has a DuraCoat coating to increase durability and prevent sweating when serving cold drinks. Since YETI designed it as a cup, the lid cannot provide a completely leak-proof seal. However, the lid is great for sipping on the fireside and is tight enough to help the liquid maintain its temperature for 6 to 7 hours.

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In cold weather, nothing is more appropriate than having a hot lunch in a remote area. But if you don't drag a huge thermos, how do you get the soup out? The Hydro Flask Food Jar ($35) solves this problem, it is a fully functional compact container, made specifically for food.

TempShield double insulation keeps your soup or stew hot for several hours. However, it is not only suitable for cold weather. The size of this container is very suitable for summer fresh fruit salad. When closed properly, it is completely leak-proof, making it a packable container suitable for any hiking trip.

Unlike standard thermos flasks, the Hydro Flask food jar is designed more like a bowl and can provide a wide mouth opening for ease of dining. With stainless steel material, you don't have to worry about the taste transfer to the container.

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The Maxso insulated thermos ($46) is the perfect lunch companion for drinking soup on and off the road. Each size and function allows you to safely store them anywhere in your backpack or lunch box.

They are vacuum insulated and can keep food warm for up to 12 hours and refrigerated for up to 24 hours. The top cover doubles as a rice bowl, and the air pressure sealing cover fixes the food in the thermos. With a newer design, the foldable spoon is suitable for sealing the lid.

Two-piece thermos, one large and one small, and comes with a foldable spoon. The container is designed with a non-slip bottom and an easy-to-open air pressure system, so even your children can get used to it. For the price, these are great thermos bottles for soups and drinks.

If you are taking your children on an outdoor adventure, or if they need a new thermos for going to school, the Takeya thermos ($25) is a very practical design. This durable baby bottle is available in 14 ounce and 16 ounce versions, so small children can easily take and carry.

It can be used to keep cold liquids for hours, and your child does not have to worry about opening and closing the top because it has a built-in straw. The straw makes it easy for children to drink without tilting. When the straw nozzle is in the closed position, it is leak-proof, so make sure to close it completely before putting it in the package. In addition, this bottle has a sturdy connection point that can be easily clipped to the backpack.

The only disadvantage of this kind of thermos is that it can only be used for cold drinks. It is not designed for hot liquids. Due to the straw design, heat will generate pressure, which may cause the bottle to leak or overflow.

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Funtainer is designed with a classic thermos bottle in a smaller package, which is very suitable for children. Funtainer (US$17-28) is a 10-ounce food jar for kids to pack for lunch, with a variety of designs and patterns to choose from. It can keep food cold for up to 7 hours or hot for 5 hours while keeping the outside of the container cool enough for your child to reach.

Funtainer has an extra wide food opening, allowing children to easily eat directly from the container. They are vacuum insulated and use BPA-free materials to make them leak-proof and easy to clean. In addition, this child-friendly thermos is equipped with a foldable folding scoop.

If you prepare school lunches for your children every day, this thermos is the perfect size for a lunch box. Please note that if you put it in a lunch box with an ice pack, the temperature of the hot food will not be well adjusted.

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Determining your thermos capacity needs comes down to two factors: expected activity and whether you are sharing.

If you want to go out for a day of ice fishing, dragging the Stanley Classic will be no problem, but if you want to go hiking with an ultra-light backpack, the heavy metal thermos may not even meet the requirements.

Consider how much you usually drink or eat, and whether it fits a thermos container. Then decide if it’s just for you, or lunch or coffee for you and your partner. If multiple people share a thermos, then a large capacity is the ideal choice. However, if you only need a cup of coffee, coffee close to CamelBak MultiBev is sufficient.

The thermal insulation of thermos makes them so useful. Most people on the market today will use vacuum insulation, but some may also use foam insulation. Vacuum insulation is often better than foam, making it the standard for premium thermos brands.

Vacuum insulation uses double layers of material to create space between the walls. This air gap (vacuum) prevents heat from escaping or entering. Although vacuum insulation has become the gold standard for thermos technology, the nature of the double-wall structure creates additional weight.

Although this may not be a problem for fishing or leisure hiking, vacuum insulated flasks are not practical for backpacks, mountain climbing, or other activities that require long periods of carrying.

Most of us take thermos outdoors, so they need to be able to be beaten. The high-quality thermos is made of some kind of stainless steel. The stainless steel body is more difficult to break, especially in cold conditions.

Many thermos bottles have an additional coating to ensure that they are well protected. When considering durability, pay attention to handles and lids. Many thermos flask caps have a stainless steel shell, and the air pressure cap is plastic because it will not be directly exposed unless it is opened.

Some other designs have all-plastic lids, which are usually the first faulty part of the thermos. If it does come with a plastic cover, please double check the warranty or if there is a problem with replacement parts available.

Another aspect of the lid to consider is the tightness and how to drink from the thermos. If you have a thermos for food, consider how easy it is to pour wine from the opening.

Traditional thermos designs, such as the Stanley Classic, have two lids: an air-lock lid on the inside and an outer lid that doubles as a cup. These double lid designs are almost always leak-proof, especially because both lids have some kind of rubber seal. When you carry a thermos bottle of hot water or coffee, you must have a safe lid design-not only to prevent spilling in the bag, but also for your safety.

Other thermos bottle caps, such as the Contigo Travel Mug cap, are more like travel coffee container caps. They should have a rubber seal and a variant of Contigo's SnapSeal to cover the drinking spout. These lids will vary from company to company, but be sure to pay special attention to the tightness of the lid, especially if you plan to use it with your backpack.

If you only use a thermos as a food container, check the opening of the lid or the top of the thermos to see how easy it is to pour water. The wider the mouth, the more difficult it is to accurately pour wine. However, the wide mouth makes it easier to eat directly from the thermos.

When the thermos is used for drinking, the structure of the lid determines how easy it is to not splash yourself every time you drink water. Silicone caps usually form a good sealing effect, but it can be challenging to drink. Plastic caps with straws or straws are usually the first choice for most non-traditional thermos bottle caps.

Additional features, such as a lid that doubles as a cup, an optimized handle design and grip, or a built-in spoon, add a bit of versatility to the thermos. These are not necessary aspects for the success or failure of the thermos function, but they can add a little extra to make you more relaxed or more comfortable enjoying coffee on a cold winter morning.

As far as temperature control is concerned, the best thermos cup is designed by YETI or Hydro Flask. The cups and cups of the two companies do not use the traditional thermos air pressure seal, but have an insulated cup with a sipping lid. These are not splash-proof, but they provide consumers with thermos cups in the form of thermos cups.

Some thermos bottles can be washed in the dishwasher, but not all thermos bottles can be washed in the dishwasher. This was disclosed by the manufacturer of the thermos.

If it is not dishwasher safe, be sure to completely disassemble the thermos and wash it by hand after each use. Don't forget to remove the rubber sealing ring inside the lid to ensure that there is no food or liquid underneath.

Compared with any other brand, Stanley thermos has the best thermal insulation. This is due to their high-quality materials, vacuum insulation and tight lid sealing. However, to make a thermos flask with the best thermal insulation effect, it must be larger and heavier than other thermos flasks.

When sending your children to school, it is nice to know that they will be well taken care of with cold water and hot lunch. In this list, we include high-quality child-friendly thermos flasks designed for liquids and food.

Most children's thermos used to hold liquids are equipped with easy-to-use built-in straws. Although straw tops are great and usually loved by children, they are usually not compatible with hot liquids. Before putting hot liquid into your child's drinking thermos, be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations. The combination of straw cap and hot liquid can be dangerous.

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