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2022-10-09 12:32:21 By : Ms. Vivi Gu

HONG KONG , Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- People are often attracted by beautiful and innovative products, and couldn't help but want to own them. Morph cup by SWANZ is an innovative travel mug that features a highly functional porcelain travel mug with an exterior silicone sleeve and a luxurious texture of PU leather pouch.

Being a market leader in porcelainwares, SWANZ introduces Morph Cup which is an incorporates the goodness of both stainless-steel mug and porcelain inner cup. This makes it highly functional where people can use it in 5 different ways.

Morph Cup is a highly functional drinking cup that is leak-proof and its' unique cap design prevents accidental opening when placed in bags . So, take a look at the unique features of the Morph Cup.

The first unique feature of the Morph Cup is that it contains two cups: stainless steel cup and a ceramic cup.

The cup is assembled of two parts: a ceramic cup and stainless-steel cup. This is very economic; users can get two cups in different durable materials with a single purchase. It is easy to assemble and disassemble these two parts. Hence, it is easy to clean up the dirt even in the inner parts of the cup.

It is no doubt that the material of the cup is environmentally friendly, food-grade, will not alter the taste of the drink and is stain free too.  

As the inner cup is made of 100% solid high-grade porcelain, which is suitable for any kind of drink, retaining the authentic taste of the drink and being able to keep warm for 6 to 8 hours. The porcelain cup can be even micro waved directly too.

The porcelain cup is wrapped with food-grade and anti-scalding silicone, to prevent discomfort when carrying the cup filled with hot water. The silicone is soft yet durable and easy to clean.

The vacuum-insulated exterior makes the Morph Cup able to keep beverages fresh for a longer period of time. Both medium and large cups can retain heat for up to 6 hours.

Morph cup stainless steel cup also comes with a grippy stone finishing which is durable and it also comes with anti-slip silicon base.

There is also a ring silicon on the inner cap to prevent leakage internally when the inner porcelain cup is placed into a stainless mug. Hence, people can use it as a ceramic thermos and it is very suitable for daily use and traveling.

SWANZ also pays attention to the needs of consumer aside from the features of the cup itself. A carry-on pouch is available to allow anyone to carry the Morph cup with style and easily,

Not only for aesthetic needs, but the leather pouch can also increase remind ones to regularly drink water as it is attached to the body everywhere they go.

The Morph cup can be transferred into five different usages. It can be used as a stainless cup, porcelain cup, cup with silicone handle, boba cup with straw or as a 2-in-1 cup (silicone and porcelain cup at the same time).

Morph cup has a wide diameter, allowing hands to easily reach into the bottom of the cup when cleaning. Compared to other ordinary cups, it is easier to clean and would not easily keep bacteria. It only requires a quick rinse to clean the cup.

The cup comes in five beautiful colours: Mint, Purple, Pearly white, Sky blue and Stone black. In addition, it comes in two sizes: 500 ml and 1000ml.

If one is lacking a stylish yet durable to-go cup, why not consider bringing a Morph Cup for traveling, and have a great summer.

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